Posted by: union03g | June 2, 2009

Dell 5 Year Chart. A Few Ideas…

  • Dell’s corporate clients are stretching the life of their laptops from 3 years to 5 years and deferring spend until 2010 – I think this has been priced in and it might be time to buy ahead fo the turnaround.
  • When retail buyers come back to the table to buy laptops they will realize that AAPL is way overpriced. i.e. you can’t get a 15” screen for under 2k at AAPL. Also, AAPL can’t touch business clients yet.
  • Media is trending toward laptops and away from TV. All I do is broadcast Hulu or Bluray from my laptop to my flatscreen via a HDMI cable. Piece of cake.
  • Dell is a solid company with good client support, good machines and a practical website for configuring a laptops. I found no hicuups when buying my laptop recently and was impressed by the AAPL-like vista functionality.

Dell 5 year chart



  1. the stock is cheap and is a cash cow. its not just me–the guys at southeastern think so as well.

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