Posted by: union03g | August 4, 2009

New Green Jewel On Southport: Instant Bump In Property Values?

Old Ugly SoPo Jewel

I recently met with the manager of the new Jewel at 370 N Desplaines St in River West to ask some questions about their new Jewel since it will look very much like the one being built on 3630 N. Southport. My impression from him was very good and he has gotten a great vibe from the surrounding area. My conclusion: this new development is a gift for our Lakeview neighborhood despite more than doubling in size.

First of all, it’s beautiful outside and inside. I know a lot of people think its going to be a big eyesore, but I am all for the replacement of the awkward, smelly, small Jewel of Southport’s past. This green” design has been a huge hit in River West and will also be a hit on Southport (it will instantly raise property values all the neighborhood.)

  • LEED green construction certification
  • Locally produced foods and Wild Harvest organic selections
  • Health dietitian on hand to give tips on healthy food choices
  • Wine steward for help picking out good wine
  • Chef to prepare anything from a sandwich to a meal
  • “Green” wax floors, super efficient AC that recycles heat, grass roof, LED lighting, refrigeration leak detection
  • 50,000 sf of space (more than double the current space but less than River West location)
  • 132 spaces of underground parking and 2nd floor mezzanine for photos and liquor

These days grocery stores are all amped up with music, bars, personal attention and modernity. Get ready for it Southport, this isn’t going to be grandad’s ugly grocer!

Fall 2010 – Coming to a theater near you.



  1. […] had no idea these were old Jewels, they are so different from the new Jewels being built – it’s Chicago history hidden in plain sight. The first pic below is a shot of both a […]

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