Posted by: union03g | November 4, 2009

Why Aren’t We Talking About Money???

People talk about money less than religion – and no one talks about religion. It’s a social slur to mention money in public, even around friends. This is why no one is educated on the topic or why no one knows best practices to invest in different asset classes. Our country is living in its own self-deserved informational desert and we’ll listen to any moron who talks about money (Suze Orman). We have totally starved ourselves of discussion and information, weaned ourselves down to only a few sources of data for a subject which deserves 75 – 100 sources. Kids don’t talk with Dad, Boyfriend with Girlfriend, Teacher with Student about personal money management. We need to nurture these discussions like we do with childcare or dogs or fantasy football. Your money needs a good home too – this is how I think of it at least.

If we only allow our minds to intake CNBC and the Journal and not let our own thoughts RIP, then our brains turn into some chaotic chamber of incoherent catch phrases (green shoots, less bad, margin of safety, dead cat bounce) and explosive words (doom, rally, shadow, bribe, bears) intelligently designed to sell air-time. When I shout out in the office “the numbers come from the NAR and the Government who are both biased sources but no one else IS COLLECTING THEM,” no one says a damn thing. Am I on a fuckin acid trip? If I shouted “what month should I get married,” then 6 people in my office would jump at me with opinions and a real debate would erupt.

In 2006 everyone was making money and times were good, I remember them vividly. I used to go out to restaurants on Mondays and Tuesdays because what the heck, things were going well, my 401k just made $500 bucks that day. I bought an antique typewriter for $100 because it looked cool – that’s the economy I remember. So maybe we didn’t need to broach the subject in 2006, but now? Money, stocks, bonds, taxes, real estate (residential, commercial, who gets hurt?), FICO scores, interest rates, IRA’s (roth/trad), 401k’s, where is their value? – what is the wost case scenario? – what the hell is a dead cat bounce – it all needs to come out in the open and people need to start talking to one another.

Forget you’re social graces and ask someone what they are doing with their money. sip cocktail. watch them squirm.



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