Posted by: union03g | November 12, 2009

Why Mortgage Rates Don’t Matter

Yes, mortgage rates are ridiculously low on a historical basis. Rates have been less than 5.75 for awhile now but transaction volume hasn’t increased (its actually decreased during this low rate regime).  One has to look beyond mortgage rates to understand why buyers are standing on the sidelines hoarding their money. It’s all about qualification now, whether your an investor or primary home buyer.


  • FICO’s above 740
  • 25% down (to get the good rates)
  • Strong quality appraisals (not below bid at least)
  • Strong associations with few units being rented and strong reserves
  • long work history (2 years typically)
  • Extra personal equity cushion
  • DNA sample

Read it from the horses mouth:



  1. Good detail, I like it, Thank you for sharing!

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