Posted by: union03g | March 14, 2010

Hidden in Plain Sight: Jewel’s From 1930’s Chicago.

Chicago history is all about buildings and how they have been re-purposed, redesigned and scaled up to fit modern times. In the 1930’s Jewel built a bunch of small stores all over Chicago with white art-deco fronts to reflect the trends in architecture at the time and their new catch phrase: “Clean and white and sparkling bright.”

I had no idea these were old grocery stores, they are so different from the new Jewels being built – it’s Chicago history hidden in plain sight. The first pic below is a shot of both a 1930’s Jewel and one from the 1980/90’s in the background. The other pics are also 1930’s Jewels. Hat tip to, A Chicago Sojourn.

1952 W. Lawrence Avenue

4315 N. Broadway

Devon Avenue - Kamdar Plaza groceries

Bryn Mawr Fresh Market5409 W. Devon

Foremost Liquors


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