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Hi there, thanks for reading. A little about me: I’m a market data junkie, a total Chicagophile and lover of Real Estate. My name is Grant and I work for Capital IQ here in Chicago. I studied finance and economics and I’m a residential RE investor. This blog is all Real Estate with a Chitown focus. I’ll be following macro and micro housing trends and key developments in tech/media/structured products/econ as it relates to the Chicago RE market.

I think its a great time to be alive in this young city who’s true beginnings are so accessible, only a couple of generations back. We should celebrate what we have all done to Chicago: turning it from a scrappy start-up enterprise, where we called out futures prices from the frozen sidewalks of Lasalle St. and dragged dead horses from the mud roadways, to a beautiful and powerful city that the world respects. Chicago came out of nowhere – in a relatively short time, through unending grit and inventiveness, we built one masterful piece of art. There is much to be proud of for sure.

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  1. Grant,
    We started a local news site for the North Center and Lincoln Square area, centersquareledger.com. Could we discuss posting the analysis of the neighborhood condo market there?

    Patrick (at) centersquareledger (dot) com

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